Spring Creek Design has taken to heart the belief that customer engagement is as important as employee engagement. The company offers myriad events and goodies to its clients to help nurture a repeat and referral business that generates 80% of its sales.

The company does two large events. In the spring, it gets space at a charity event (a polo match) for the local hospital, and invites clients to attend. All proceeds go to the hospital’s OB/GYN clinic. Then, in the fall, Spring Creek goes to a local winery for a tasting, food, and fun.

Throughout the year, the company also does smaller events, with titles like Behind the Drywall and Big Reveal. Liz Smutko, brand manager at Spring Creek, calls these a good way for customers to reconnect with the company and get to know new employees. The events generate business; Smutko says that two current jobs came from the smaller events and that the company has already seen a boost in leads for 2018.

To engage with clients they’re currently working with, Spring Creek delivers gifts at each milestone. At the start of demo, for example, children get a kid-sized ANSI-approved hard hat in the company’s colors (which the kids love, according to Smutko). At the close of the project, the gift varies, though Smutko says it is usually something that the client wanted but was just out of the budget, or a gift card to help furnish the new space.