Brian Pauley understands how to incentivize his employees. In late 2017, Pauley began a profit-sharing program at Remodel Me Today to empower his staff and encourage them to take control of their future.

“Initially, it was difficult to get everyone to understand how the program was designed,” Pauley says. “But after the first few projects, which allowed them to see exactly how well this can impact their pay, they are all on board and very excited as we are moving forward with the program.”

In addition to profit sharing, Remodel Me Today offers employees bonuses that vary based on how well they do compared with the production schedule. Each bonus amount is totaled at the end of a project, then distributed among employees based on how much time they spent on the project. Pauley has found that this helps his employees feel more pride in the work they do.

Remodel Me Today also features a 2,500-square-foot showroom that houses five lines of cabinetry at various price points plus multiple countertop styles, tile, backsplash, and other K+B products. Pauley says that other builders and remodelers use Remodel Me Today’s showroom, as his company sources some of their materials.

This year, Pauley is adding more sales staff to the showroom; he plans to have showroom revenue reach $1.5 million in about two years.