For years, James Maddalone offered his clients box cabinets for their remodels. Ultimately, he realized those cabinets were unable to fulfill all of his customers’ needs. So he started custom-building his own.

That was five years ago. Now the company has its own woodworking shop, called PureTree Woodworking, which makes custom cabinets and furniture for PureTree projects. The sole job of the craftsmen who staff the shop is to build and finish the items they create.

Maddalone says the shop gives his company a leg up on the competition, in part because PureTree’s setup allows it to be a one-stop shop for clients. There’s no need for clients, or Maddalone’s team for that matter, to coordinate with a third-party manufacturer.

To help further grow his company, Maddalone is looking at ways he could eventually change his role in his firm.

“A successful business is not hinging on one person,” he says. “It will run based on a team.”

To accomplish this, he is hiring for a specific management style and training people on his team to adhere to that style. Hiring these people, according to Maddalone, will allow him to take a more visionary role for his company, which he plans to have forever.

“I don’t think I plan to leave,” he says. “I have to lead and have a team that can execute what needs to be done daily.”