Nip Tuck Remodeling has learned firsthand that even a successful business will have an occasional bump in the road. In the fall of 2016, several large projects either shifted or fell off completely, resulting in the company’s first-ever financial loss. Instead of hiding and riding it out, Bettinger reached out to industry peers for sage advice and refocused her energy to make some major changes to strengthen sales and marketing.

Systems, technology, marketing and staff were all re-aligned with a renewed energy. The result? The company doubled its revenue in 2017. "With the right tools and people in the right seats, we can generate the revenue that the business needs to be really profitable,” Bettinger says.

Managing growth wasn’t easy: “We held on for dear life,” Bettinger admits. To help navigate the changes, she reached out to industry colleagues for advice on how to manage growth efficiently. She and her team relied on systems already in place, which helped provide a “safety net” for the team as the company grew. In addition, the company stuck with the tried-and-true types of work it was accustomed to doing: kitchen, bath, and whole-house interiors.

Now, the woman-owned company is thriving. Bettinger is so confident in her and her staff’s abilities that she has a happiness guarantee for all of her clients. “We promise to take our clients on a journey that fully explores their needs, creates a vision of space and aesthetics they love at a price that they can afford,” the company’s website declares. “With our systemized approach to execution and an on-purpose attitude, we guarantee that happiness is an expectation on each and every Nip Tuck project.”

Bettinger has also written an e-book on the subject: Happiness Guaranteed: Choosing the Right Contractor is the Key to Your Castle. The e-book is available on Nip Tuck’s website and is free for clients to download.