Remodeling is a family affair for many remodeling companies. For John Boynton, that sentiment extends to his customers.

Boynton’s employees often will offer to walk a client’s dog or ask what they could add to a project to make life easier for a client’s family. In fact, the company recently received a birth announcement from a past client. The tight client relationships help the company generate referrals and customers for life.

“One great satisfaction is when customers treat us like friends and family more than just a general contractor,” Boynton says. “It means I did my job correctly and well and made it painless.” For those clients who want a pure business relationship, Boynton and his staff keep it professional. But when clients are comfortable with a more family-style renovation, employees are more than happy to oblige.

Boynton says he has never been comfortable with what he calls a “standoffish management style.” He wants to be close with his staff and accomplishes that by hosting cookouts for employees and their families.

The company hasn’t always had a rosy outlook. After hiring a disastrous project manager, Boynton began working with consultant Tim Faller to create a better job description and find out exactly what the company needs. In addition, Boynton is creating his own operational processes and starting to write them down for others to follow. That way, Boynton’s team can grow and work through jobs without having to call him as often.