When Rob Watson started Innovative Kitchen & Bath a few years after the housing market’s collapse, he sought to be innovative. “I wanted to be able to run the company from a beach in Bali,” says Watson. “Of course, six years in, I’m still here four days a week.”

But while he may not be in Bali, Watson—along with the rest of his employees—can work just about anywhere thanks to a bevy of software and technology that has made the business all but paperless.

The biggest tool is WhatsApp, a mobile app that allows group conversations. Whenever a new project gets started, a conversation begins that includes everyone involved in the project. That way, if a question comes up, the entire team can be notified through talk, pictures, and explanations

“I’m able to see where we can improve just by the questions being asked,” Watson says. “Instead of being blind, I’ve got all the info I need.”

That team approach doesn’t just help Watson run a tighter business. It also helps employees because they always know that if they have a question or problem, solutions are only a post away. “You’re not just an employee. There’s someone here to support you,” Watson says.

Employees also know they’ll be supported by a boss who offers good pay and generous benefits, including a 401(k) match of up to 4% of income after 90 days of employment. Watson says that benefit isn’t as expensive as he originally thought because of the tax savings it offers. Plus, offering those kinds of benefits has kept employee turnover low—and new-employee referrals high.

Having employees rather than subs is also key to Watson’s other business mantra: being responsive to customers. If someone has an issue with a project, Watson makes sure they’re contacted that day to address it.

“The beauty is that everyone who works on a client’s home is also an employee here,” he says. “It’s not like we have to track down a sub. We go right to the source.”