Be careful what you promise. When the rest of his sales team heard Rhett Wilborn was sending his million-dollar salespeople on an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica, they wanted in. So Wilborn said that if the company did $5 million in sales, he’d take everyone. With 2016 sales at about $2.9 million, Wilborn thought they’d never do it in 2017. He was wrong.

“I don’t know how many people after that were like, ‘I wish I worked for you guys,’” says Wilborn, the company’s president and owner. “Our goal this year is $10 million.”

Wilborn says much of the company’s explosive growth is due to his team’s expertise. Eight staffers are also licensed public adjusters, and he has invested heavily in storm-restoration software and training.

“My guys are on top of policy and insurance law,” he says. “We’re very versed in what we do, and we represent our customers very well because we know what we’re doing.”

Use of smart technology helps, too. Along with a private Facebook group and Facebook Live meetings, the company uses EagleView for roof measurements and an app called CompanyCam that automatically uploads photos to the cloud with the option of writing notes and annotations. Wilborn also subscribes to a service that shows locations that have the highest probability for storms and then blankets those areas with online ads.

But Wilborn knows none of the growth would be happening if the company didn’t focus so heavily on customer service. In fact, after he realized too many calls were coming in from customers who didn’t know the status of their jobs, Wilborn created a dedicated position for customer service. “Our mission statement is to make happy customers and lifelong clients,” he says. “Everything we do is aimed at that.”