Like many remodelers, Steve Iverson started as a do-it-all builder and remodeler. But what he liked most was finishing basements. So 15 years ago, he and his wife started a company that focused on that level of the house, and they’ve never looked back.

Narrowing the focus to basements also meant Iverson and his team could perfect their process. Today, as the company looks to double in size over the next five years, it’s getting close to that goal. Technology plays a big role; each project gets its own online profile and calendar that shows when each aspect of the project will be completed.

“You can look at that calendar and see a very close end date for when the project is done,” says marketing manager Adam Jensen. “We’re very high on making sure we hit that end date.”

As the company grows, one of the biggest battles is finding qualified workers. It’s fighting back with a robust employee referral program—$250 for an interview and another $250 if the person stays for six months—and a “family style” culture.

“You’re not going to come here and be a number,” Jensen says. “One of our favorite ways to find new employees is hiring within.”

The family culture extends to customers, some of whom even host open houses so others can see what’s possible with a finished basement. “We try to get out the message that basements can be finished just like the upstairs,” Jensen says. “It’s a lower level. It doesn’t have to look like a basement.”

No matter whether they show off their basement, customers receive personalized gifts upon completion, and all work is backed with a lifetime warranty. “You’re part of our family once we finish your basement,” Jensen says.