After a banner 2016, Sun-Tec Solar’s business was already up 42% this past spring from the year before—and the company hadn’t even hit its busiest season.

“To say that business is gangbusters is an understatement,” says Frank Perry, the company’s general sales manager.Perry says one of the biggest reasons for the company’s phenomenal growth is technology. This year, Sun-Tec started using a customer relationship management system to better track customer data and leads. The company also began using a solar design tool that eliminates a pre-site visit and speeds installs. “It has brought down costs tremendously,” Perry says.

Tech has changed the company’s presentations, too. Now all sales reps and canvassers can show homeowners the advantages of solar by using their tablets rather than old-school picture books. “The product we’re selling is high-tech, so having a high-tech presentation just flows,” Perry says.

Sun-Tec applies tech to customer service as well. Emails are automatically generated to let new customers know what—and who—to expect. “Keeping customers in the loop like that has reduced the number of calls coming from customers wondering what’s going on,” Perry says.

But despite its emphasis on technology, Sun-Tec hasn’t forgotten the approach to customer service that got it where it is. Perry says simple things like answering the phone and thanking customers for their business set the company apart.”You would be hard pressed to find a company that picks up the phone when you call,” Perry says. “It’s the little things that make a big difference. It’s making them feel like they’re part of the family.”