Stonehenge Construction demonstrates how you can succeed via word-of-mouth marketing and branding even if your social media and internet presence are limited. “We’ve been very fortunate that word of mouth has worked well for us,” co-owner Tommy McKechnie says. “We rely on repeat customers and good referrals.” As for branding, Stonehenge employees post signs at all of its jobsites and on trucks and wear branded shirts for meetings.

Stonehenge also takes advantage of Louisville’s annual Tour of Remodeled Homes. For one weekend in August, recently remodeled homes are on display for others to view. The people who attend the tour are generally homeowners looking to remodel their houses, and the tour gives them the opportunity to speak with professional remodelers.

“We’ve had 10 houses in the Tour of Remodeled Homes over the last eight years,” McKechnie says. “Homeowners can see what we accomplished for other people, and we can talk to potential clients one on one. We’ll see 1,000 people over one weekend.”

McKechnie adds that the home tour has been a great source of leads for the company. “We’ve had people tell us, ‘We’ve followed you for four years. We love what you do every year. It’s time for us to jump into [our own remodel] and have you quote our job.’”

The 19-year-old company has succeeded even though it’s creating its first website only this year. It does have a recently expanded Houzz profile and a Facebook page, and the company has a relationship with GuildQuality.

“Stonehenge has not put a lot of marketing or advertisement into our breakdown of how we allocate finances,” McKechnie says. “We are aware it's crucial. First impressions are everything. We know that the industry is changing big-time, and we are building a website this year.”