Less is more when it comes to customer appreciation, at least for Renaissance South. Rob Crawford says that he and his team focus their marketing dollars on a select number of clients, not their entire customer base.

“We will send out 50 to 100 gifts that are meaningful and not just Koozies,” he says. Crawford has given past clients Yeti tumblers, a beach-themed bucket with branded and non-branded items, and, this past year, Thanksgiving turkeys. Spending such a large sum of money on fewer people may seem risky, but Crawford and his team have seen a greater return on investment this way than by spending less money on more people. Crawford reports that the company gets “phenomenal feedback.”

“We would rather spend $150 on 100 people and not 25 cents on 10,000,” Crawford says. He and his team choose which clients receive the gifts based on the project completion date, the size of the project, and whether clients keep referring. If a past client hasn’t referred business to the company in several years, “it may just not be their thing,” Crawford says.

Renaissance South has been doing this sort of marketing for around two years. Part of its success lies in the company’s knowing its customer base and the kinds of customers it wants. Crawford and his team look at where they have gotten their best customers and referrals and revisit those sources. By limiting the number of people they reach out to, Crawford and his team are more likely to reach the kinds of customers they want and need for the business.