When customers call Pro Home 1, they get more than they were expecting before a hammer even gets swung. That’s because workers are trained to offer solutions rather than just sell products.

“There’s a reason they’re calling us, and it’s usually because they have a problem,” says Peter Pawelko, company owner. “So we want to walk in there with a solution for them and not make it a sales call.”

Once prospective customers fully describe their problems, Pro Home 1 provides a 15- to 20-page proposal that outlines the prospects’ issues and the various ways they can be solved with good, better, and best options. “People say, ‘No other contractor wanted to do this. And they gave me a one-page bid sheet,’” Pawelko says.

Once the customers agree to move forward, Pro Home 1 maintains that level of service by using its customer relationship management (CRM) system to automate tasks. As soon as one thing is completed, the CRM immediately reminds workers to tackle the next task. It even puts it on their calendars.

When the job is finished, Pawelko primes future business with gift cards that customers can use or hand out to friends. Repeats and referrals make up 40% to 50% of Pro Home 1’s business. But Pawelko isn’t resting on his customer service laurels. He’s also employing new lead-generation web technology that knows where users [KD1] are coming from and automatically posts reviews and pictures from their neighborhood. Already, the technology has upped leads from two to four per month to two to three a week. [KD1]Does this mean website visitors?