From the outside, it’s clear that Packerland Home Improvement is growing, thanks to a new showroom that’s double the size of the old one to show off the company’s Andersen window products. But it’s on the inside where the biggest changes are happening—changes that set the stage for even more growth.

It starts with the proprietary Andersen customer relationship management system, which allows the company to dig into its data and identify weekly and monthly trends. “It’s been unbelievable,” says Cody Miller, the firm’s general manager and sales manager. “It really allows us to dive deeper into our performance metrics.”

Additionally, a suite of Andersen apps has evolved to the point where salespeople can do pricing and pitching directly from a tablet. The same suite of apps feeds into contracts and measuring for fast, accurate digital closes. “There’s no chance for typos or miscommunication,” Miller says. “It’s made us a lot more efficient and kept us on track.” A Dropbox account keeps all the files up-to-date and available to long-haul installers via smart devices or laptops.

On the lead generation side, tech is just as important, although the company still relies on old standbys such as canvassing. For example, it’s now working with a videographer to produce short spots that can work across social media or double as TV commercials.

When it comes to customer service, Miller says it’s all about educating clients on what to expect—without overwhelming them with too much info. So, Packerland now sends streamlined documentation each step of the way, including how-to instructions and pictures of the people they’ll be talking to at each stage. “It’s just created a much more positive experience than where we were at years ago,” Miller says.