Giving back to the community is something some companies always say they are going to do but never quite get around to doing. Not Donald Lynch Jr. Lynch is an active participant in community affairs, sitting on boards, volunteering at fundraisers, and using his connections to help local charities.

Lynch sits on the board for the local Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center, a charity that helps victims of sexual and domestic violence. He’s been involved in planning for a bigger building, seeking contractors, getting the plans made up, and helping to get funding, says Kristan Barnard, Lynch’s office and marketing manager.

In addition, Lynch works with a charity that aids men recovering from addiction by helping them find housing and be more independent. He also is on the board for the school his children attended.

“He believes in the community; he loves doing these things,” Barnard says, adding that Lynch encourages his employees to get involved in the community as well.

Lynch’s caring nature extends to his clients and staff, too. Barnard says the company cleans the house following a large remodel and sends clients small gifts, flowers, and cards. She also says that Lynch goes above and beyond for the employees.

“Happy employees work better,” Barnard says. “Personally, if I’m having a problem, whether it’s work-related or not, I can always talk to Mr. Lynch.

“It’s for everyone. It’s for the people in the field and the trade contractors and why he’s been successful for so long,” she says. “He’s just a good person.”