Homefix Custom Remodeling has built its empire doing roofing, windows siding, entry doors, insulation, trim, shutters, and even walk-in tubs. But it could have been just as successful selling Girl Scout cookies, according to Amie Sevrin, the firm’s public relations director.

“We are a customer service company first, that happens to be an exterior remodeler,” Sevrin says. “We approach every job as if we’re doing it for a friend or family member.”

That means going the extra mile and helping customers achieve what they want for their home, rather than just what they need. For example, if a customer needs a new roof but doesn’t like the way their front entrance looks, Homefix will build them a new portico.

“We listen between the lines and provide them with what they really want,” she says. “It doesn’t do any good to spend $20,000 on a new roof and still not like the way the house looks.”

That approach to customer service is baked deep within the company’s DNA. It shows up in features like its “triple platinum lifetime warranty,” which covers materials and labor and is even transferable to new homeowners. “There’s nobody offering the warranty we are offering,” Sevrin says.

But underneath the down-home approach to service, there’s a deep layer of technology that keeps the business running efficiently and customers satisfied. Homefix uses customized iPad apps that handle everything from customer demos to measurements to digital contracts. The company also uses the Eagle View aerial imaging and analytics to do its roof measurements and is on the cusp of using it for siding and windows.

That said, the company still relies on old-fashioned canvassing for as much as 50% of its business. “We are an absolute force to be reckoned with when it comes to that kind of marketing,” Sevrin says.

Ultimately, she says the company’s success goes back to its focus on service rather than sales for the home—the biggest investment most people have. “Our job is to be your partner and help you capitalize on your investment,” she says.