First impressions are a big deal for Stephen Samuels. That’s why the remodeler designed his own website. The first iteration of his company’s website was designed and published by Samuels himself. He says that he liked it but admits that it was “lacking a lot of the functionality and custom design I envisioned but couldn’t find the time to teach myself CSS coding.”

When his Dreams Envisioned & Sustainable Home Renovations (DES) partnered with Contractor Dynamics to better its search engine optimization efforts, the company offered to redesign the DES website at no extra cost. Now the overall site, each of its pages, and all its functions are Samuels’ own design. He created the templates for each page, found different plugins he wanted to integrate, and sent it to Contractor Dynamics to do the coding and “[bring] it to real life.”

The site fully details the firm’s process, the different services it offers, its service areas, and its past projects, which are full of “after” photos. “Our website is clean—that’s what prospects expect when browsing our site,” Samuels says. “We don’t want to bombard them with before pictures, but we have a place for that.”

Each and every page also features a contact form.

“If you complete a contact form anywhere on our site, I get an alert via text and an email that allows me to connect with clients in under one minute in most cases,” Samuels says. “It’s always, ‘Wow, that was fast.’ Or if they open a live chat, I get an instant alert and I can start a chat with them from there. Our website will make a difference when we’re talking with others. It sets the stage and expectations.”

The quick communication and customer-driven approach are more than just a great customer experience; they’re part of the company’s marketing scheme.

“Our website talks about experience with exceptional service because that’s what we’re selling,” Samuels explains. “The end product, a quality project, is something that comes with [the experience].”