Technology and apps are second nature for Ken Combs and his team at CQCHome. Every manager in the field has an iPad with a suite of apps that helps the team communicate and stay on task.

The team uses a group messaging app to communicate about projects, share photos, and get ideas. Another app manages the company’s incoming leads. There’s a third app for handling all internal data and a fourth app to share files and communicate between the staff.

“We train [our team] for what to use when,” Combs says. “Once you’ve learned it, it’s second nature. It really expedites things so much and can increase efficiency for us.”

Combs emphasizes communication within his team in other ways, too. He hosts weekly staff meetings in which he fosters a “culture of change” and asks staff for input. He adds that during these meetings, which resemble a roundtable discussion, he and his team generate ideas for the business and the growing market.

“We’ll test out the ideas and chat,” he says. “If the ideas stick, we work on them and improve them. If they don’t, that’s okay.”

Combs also engages in profit-sharing with his employees. His ultimate goal is for CQCHome to be an employee-owned business. “I want everyone to reap the same rewards,” he says. “It’s not just financial—it’s knowing that you’re part of something special and different and have a sense of ownership.” He adds that the pride of ownership will cause his employees to approach the business as their own.

“I really do believe that a rising tide raises all ships,” he says. “Without a team, I couldn’t do any of the things I do. I take a lot of pride in my team. I give them all the credit.”