Chris Black is all about communication. He meets with clients every week to discuss their projects. During each of those meetings, Black takes detailed meeting minutes. The notes are all taken electronically, in keeping with Black’s certification as a green professional, and contain plenty of information for both client and remodeler.

“[The meetings] are structured in layout,” Black says. “We talk about schedule and what we did last week, what’s next week, what’s the current finish date, and the target finish date. We also discuss any potential change orders, any selections that haven’t been made, old business, new business, and current invoice.”

The meeting notes—a “record of events,” according to Black—have sometimes become more than notes for the company. Black says the minutes are so thorough that he can show up at a job with the meeting notes and be able to run the job smoothly. The minutes have also served as a backup for information that wasn’t on the original plans.

“I’ll pull up the weekly meeting [notes] to ensure that no detail a client gives us is missed in the production of a job,” Black says.

Black attends those weekly meetings with his project manager, who runs the job. “I don’t just sell a job and then move on,” he adds. “I show up to those weekly meetings. [The homeowners] meet with us on a regular basis. We are giving them as much information as we possibly can.”

And what do the clients think of those meetings? Black says customers always mention them when they review his company.