All-Star Remodeling & Design believes a great customer experience begins with processes and questions. Lots of questions. The company has an “Honest Needs Assessment,” which helps the team determine not only what the customers want but what they actually need.

Johnathan “JP” Sauser, marketing director at All-Star, says one client had issues with water seeping into the basement and believed it was the result of faulty gutters. After inspecting the home, All-Star found that the grade of the yard was sloping toward the house.

“We could have easily sold them on a brand-new gutter system with all the bells and whistles, since that is why we were called in the first place, but that would not have done anything to fix the true problem,” Sauser says. “Instead, we shared our knowledge with them and they were able to fix the grade of their yard themselves.”

All-Star’s 5-Star Promise holds the company accountable for its work and ensures each client gets consistently good service. The 5-Star Promise includes not only a guaranteed budget but also a lifetime warranty and what the company calls a Worry-Free Design Guarantee and a 7-Day Sleep-On-It Guarantee.

“We want to make sure our clients are confident they have the perfect design, it’s what they wanted, and the [cost] is what they were quoted and not a penny more,” Sauser says. The Sleep-on-It Guarantee allows homeowners to look over the proposal, receive other bids, and decide how they would like to move forward, which Sauser says helps to prevent a pushy sales approach.

“It’s not about selling the most expensive product; it’s about finding and presenting a solution that best meets our clients’ specific needs and goals,” Sauser says.