Melissa Bean’s company seeks to create a pleasant experience for its clients that starts with the conceptualization and design of the project. Through a 22-step internal process (yes, 22!), the team of architects, designers, and construction pros guides and helps the homeowners through the initial phone call until the project is ready to give to the construction team.

“We check off every box for all of our clients,” Bean says. “It has made us effective and gives us the best outcome every single time.”

Throughout the process, Bean says, the company is constantly doing feasibility studies to be sure it is staying on budget. After completing one task, the appropriate team member checks off that task and passes the project to the next person. Bean says that the team reviews each job it completes and, if “there are things we could have done better, we add them to the process.”

The inclusivity of the process is something homeowners value. “When you get to the end of the design, [the homeowners] love it and there are no surprises,” Bean says. “They like it because they’ve been involved in developing it. They understand the process and what the project will look like once completed.”

Bean’s business may be only 14 years old, but her family has been in the construction industry since the 1800s. Bean is the fifth generation to venture into the industry, hence her company’s name. And the sixth generation has already started. Bean’s son recently graduated with a construction management degree and works for the company as a superintendent. Her daughter and son-in-law both work in the design department.

“Our goal is to have each of our children spend time in every position of the company, so as we transition out, they feel comfortable managing every part of the company and can do every job.”