Superior Pro Exterior is a poster child for how to smartly grow a company. In business since 1998, Irwin Weitz decided to expand in 2012. So he hired a marketing company to brand himself in the market and signed a contract with WSB radio, which got him endorsed by a local home fix-it show. Business grew 65% in 2013, says marketing director Meghan Ritchie.

But Weitz wasn’t finished. In 2014, his company became an elite preferred remodeler with James Hardie siding and bought a stucco repair company. In 2016, Weitz is planning to create a separate windows division and add a roofing vertical to the company.

All the while, Superior Pro has been focusing on the very thing that made Weitz successful in the first place: faithfully serving customers. “We’re not one of those companies that’s here today and tomorrow we’re out of business,” Ritchie says. “This is a highly, highly competitive market. Homeowners want to know you’ve been around and that you stand behind your work.”


- CRM keeps sales and work crews in the loop, and customer sign-off sheets ensure satisfaction. A final customer sign off provides marketing and referral opportunities, Ritchie says.

- Superior Pro Exteriors offers a free color consulting session, a valuable sales tool. “Our color consultant is beyond fantastic,” Ritchie says. “Our clients love her. She really helps set us apart.”

- “All hands on deck” company meetings boost morale—and up customer service. “When you give people a chance to talk about what they’re doing, it makes them feel good about themselves and keep the rest of the company in the know,” Ritchie says. “Morale is up because people aren’t working with grumpy clients. Otherwise you’re working in silos and all of a sudden balls are dropping and people are disgruntled.”

- The company is working to “define a culture of professionalism that’s above the industry standard,” Ritchie says. To do so, it’s partnering with vendors to help with training and education. “Very few home services companies define their culture,” she says. “Instead they let the culture define itself.”