Being an insurance contractor, Matt Caviglia sees the benefits a remodel has on a homeowner immediately. Losing a home is a shocking event, but Reel Construction takes pride in getting people back into their homes as quickly as possible. “The thing I like most about it is ... when they come in and you do the final walkthrough, especially if we’ve done any extra things, just to see their face,” Caviglia says.

As an insurance contractor, Reel Construction has an obligation to both the homeowner and the insurance adjuster. Walking that fine line can be challenging, but educating the homeowner on what’s covered and what isn’t can lead to the best end result. “We do everything we can to accommodate them,” Caviglia says. “We can do whatever you want, but you might have to pay out of pocket. Every now and then we’ll get someone who’s been planning to remodel. This is the silver lining.” That silver lining means upselling and working with the homeowner to make whatever changes or upgrades they want.

Caviglia also spends time giving back to the community. Working with CARE Chest, a Nevada based nonprofit, Reel Construction has helped make homes more accessible after an injury or for elderly homeowners who don’t have as much mobility.

“We get these customers that need a home modification to give them more access. It really opened up my eyes. You just don’t think about it, especially being younger.”


- Solving a labor shortage could be as easy as just talking to your current crew. “Our best bet is getting someone that one of our guys already knows. They can vouch for them,” Caviglia says.

- Even as an insurance contractor, online presence matters. A website redesign is currently in progress, and since Matt took over for his father, the company has been paying more attention and responding to reviews on websites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau