HomeSealed Exteriors has found success by following straightforward principles: setting clear expectations and communicating effectively. By implementing these principles with its employees, success in the office translates to success on the job.

“We firmly believe in providing a positive, team-oriented environment,” says company president Brandon Erdmann. “There is no yelling or bickering around our office. Our people are treated like adults, and when a problem arises our sole focus is on finding solutions, not pointing fingers or assigning blame.”

That focus on solutions extends to clients as well. Each client, no matter the size of the project, is treated as though they’re top tier. “We constantly remind our staff that no matter how routine the tasks of your job may feel and how difficult it may be at times to deal with a customer that is frustrated for some reason, it is important to step back and remember that this person has invested thousands of dollars with our company and deserves to be treated as such,” Erdmann says.

To attract and retain that top talent, HomeSealed prioritizes a simple benefit: salary. “We offer pay that is in the top tier of every position in our market. We believe in having A-grade players on our team and whether it is in attracting new team members or retaining existing, it is necessary to pay out in a corresponding manner.”


- While online websites have reviews and seek to connect homeowners with contractors, HomeSealed uses them to bolster its leads, not replace them. Says Erdmann, “We utilize other lead sources that really take advantage of our great reputation. Our ideal client is one that does research and makes a very thoughtful and informed choice for their project.”

- HomeSealed builds trust before the client has even walked in the door by participating in industry-centered social media, forums, and blogs to demonstrate a level of expertise even before the first phone call.

- ‘Status quo’ is a four letter word. HomeSealed investigates new techniques or products regularly. “If there is a new product of a new method of doing something better that our customers can benefit from because it is better, we do not hesitate to bring that into the fold.”