Edward Chmar has formed the policies of Homelife Remodeling around fighting back against what he calls “fly by night” contractors. He’s aware of a stigma against contractors and wants his clients to feel safe having him work on their homes. “I don’t take a deposit up front. I do this because I want people to trust us,” says Chmar. “These people don’t know me. Most people are decent folks; they’re just looking to not get ripped off.”

To ensure that his clients are at ease, Chmar makes himself available at all times. He makes sure each client has his cell phone number and encourages them to reach out if anything changes or an emergency happens. “I probably care more than I should,” he says. “I’m very involved and talk to all the customers. They know if there’s an issue they can reach someone who can make decisions and get things done. It just avoids major problems when things can be handled quickly.”

Chmar also ensures that Homelife is utilizing the best technology available—not for its novelty, but for its efficiency. “I could run my entire business from the backseat of a car if I needed. We use a CRM and it keeps everything online and accessible, from proposals to addresses to phone numbers. It’s all right there as long as you have an internet connection.”

Takeaways:- Homelife takes advantage of satellite imagery from the company EagleView to get an idea of what the roof of the home looks like before they even get there. “Using satellite imaging gives such a detailed view. That’s been a real boon for me. It does cost money to use, but it saves time,” Chmar says.

- To attract and retain the best talent, Chmar has a simple answer: transparency. “Treat them well, don’t run them all over God’s creation in a single day. I’m an open book. You can look at the roof report. Here’s what I ordered.”