“Everybody hates us,” says Alan Goodman. He’s not talking about Majestic Exteriors’ customers, but its competitors. They hate seeing the company’s trucks in a driveway because, according to Goodman, “they can’t bring the level of professionalism we bring.”

Another aspect that makes Majestic Exteriors shine compared to its competitors is Tania Goodman, the company’s president and salesperson. The Goodmans say that customers often are astonished when a woman arrives to sell them a roof. Tania has been so successful that Majestic has a few more women sales reps in training.

In the early days this husband-and-wife team worked on roofs together. With more business, more crews, and more volume, there developed a division of labor that has Tania selling and making executive decisions and Alan running production. Over the last three years, Majestic has grown from doing one or two roofs a week to doing four a day. Forty three percent of the company’s jobs come from referrals.


  • In November 2012, shortly after Hurricane Sandy smashed into the New Jersey coast, Majestic Exteriors replaced its 10-year workmanship warranty with a 40-year workmanship warranty on its roofs. But before launching the warranty program, the company upgraded the quality of all the materials that go into its asphalt shingle roofing jobs, from flashing to pipe collars with Grace Ice & Water Shield, which is installed “everywhere possible,” Tania says.
  • Majestic obtains aerial images and reports from EagleView Technologies of every roof it works on—even if the roof was measured by hand—to ensure that pricing is accurate.
  • Last fall, Majestic called back its past customers in select markets offering a free gutter cleaning in return for allowing the company to post its yard sign. Forty people responded in one town.