Robert Gockeler says that KraftMaster Renovations is known for providing “an HGTV-like experience.” That is, the company is helping the client throughout the entire remodeling process. “Literally, it's taking people shopping and laughing and having fun,” he says. “We make it a tour.”

Most new customers find Gockeler’s company on Facebook, where he posts photos of the entire process—from the first shopping trip to the finished remodel. “It’s fun for the client, [and] for the extended family. But it also really helps potential new clients. They see the exact same process on every single job,” he says. Gockeler manages all of the company’s social media himself, posting 70 to 100 photos per project on Facebook. Additionally, he has a blog detailing their finished projects and offering design tips.

In an effort to eliminate redundant postings, Gockeler is upgrading his website so that Facebook posts will be automatically pulled into the site. He also posts and buys ads on

Gockeler is known for his community involvement, sponsoring baseball teams and fundraising events. After Hurricane Sandy, he and his son Robbie parked a truck downtown and collected donations for relief. They filled the truck twice, collecting so much that no one shelter could take it all—The Salvation Army ended up distributing the donations.  


  • A trip to the granite yard is the first part of any kitchen remodel. Clients often fall in love with the perfect piece of stone, and when that happens, cabinetry, paint colors, and choices revolve around that. Gockeler always brings alternate cabinet samples to the granite yard, just in case.
  • Gockeler does a lot of his social media posts as he visits jobsites. “I take my iPhone, I snap some photos, I speak into my phone,” he says. His spoken comments appear as the comments on the post; he finds that much faster than typing.
  • He has found that the most popular photos on aren’t the beauty shots. “The pictures that the editors of Houzz have taken out of my portfolio are close-ups of the silliest things,” he says. Among them: A bathroom electrical switch that’s on a timer, and a vertical toilet-paper holder.