Brian Buresh grew up in a contractor family; his father is a custom home builder with almost 50 years of experience. But after graduation, Buresh strayed from the fold and worked in the corporate world. Then a brief stint selling siding and windows led to him decide to go into the remodeling business for himself. In 2003, he founded Buresh Home Solutions, whose services include installing roofing, siding, windows, decks, and patio covers.

Buresh prides himself on the quality of his company’s work and its customer service and client communication. “As I grew up, I saw how [my father] took care of clients,” he says. “[Dad] always told me, ‘Just take care of the customer and everything else will take care of itself.”

To ensure consistent levels of customer care through defined processes and systems, Buresh says, “We use a manual that we’ve developed. From the time the phone call happens, all the way to the job being completed, there’s a whole series of events that go hand-in-hand.”

Sales and marketing are company strengths. “We don’t go into a home and talk about a particular product … saying ‘This is the best, and everything else is no good for you,’” he says. “We really focus on trying to help homeowners find exactly the best for them as far as their needs and budget go. I know a lot of people say that, but we actually, truly do it.”


  • Buresh enjoys volunteering in the community, as well as coaching football and basketball. In 2012 he launched a charity called Buresh Cares that works with vendors and other partners to help financially struggling homeowners improve their homes.
  • To find potential new hires, Buresh talks to his suppliers: “They have an understanding of who I am and how we operate, so they’re usually a decent resource. The last three really good hires we got came from one of our suppliers.”
  • The company’s showroom features a house elevation with abundant samples of siding, windows, decking, and other products. “We get very positive feedback [on the showroom],” Buresh says. “And we get more and more walk-ins every year.”