By the time the recession hit in 2008, Andrew Schroeder was well-trained and perfectly positioned to take over the family business. And he has been able to make personnel changes, move the office from his parents’ home to a separate space, and create sustainable processes to move the company forward, including creating a real estate division and getting the company involved in house flipping.

Now the company has a backlog and Schroeder is looking to develop a more extensive design team.

• There are two design/build processes: one for larger remodels and a fast-track for smaller ones. A new set of procedures helps accommodate the increase in small jobs.

• All staff have access to Co-construct including the phone app.

• Every procedure from the company’s 27 years in business is documented.

• Before starting a design/build project, 100% of selections are completed and all the trades come in to look at the project.

• Goal: five open houses per year in neighborhoods that fit the firms’ sweet spot.