A few years ago, Odd Fellows began marketing to homeowners who want a custom project and are willing to pay a quality company for that work. Oleksyn explains to customers that “it’s not just the quality of the project we leave behind — it’s the memory of the experience.”

In 2012, the company completed seven $60,000 to $70,000 kitchens, 15 high-end bathrooms, and an addition, and expects more and larger projects this year. Consultant Kyle Hunt helped Odd Fellows identify its ideal projects/clients and “opened the door to bigger, more-profitable projects,” Oleksyn says.

• Customers appreciate that all employees and subcontractors carry photo ID badges.

• Subcontractors sign abusiness/jobsite conduct agreementand attend quarterly meetings.

• During the initial meeting, Oleksyn interviews clients with a list of questions based on the type of project.