Matthew Goodwin was a musician with office systems management experience when he took over No Problem Builders 17 years ago. While learning the remodeling ropes, he maintained a talented workforce; surrounded himself with dependable, knowledgeable subs; and built a steady base of loyal, repeat customers.

Serving a relatively small but sophisticated clientele in the college town of, Beloit, Wis., Matt and his business partner and wife, Anne, put effort into being creative and helping others while they showcase their product.

• Unique marketing strategies include: a “Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Walk” to benefit Habitat for Humanity and a chef’s night in a newly remodeled kitchen to benefit the owner’s charity of choice.

• “Bigger doesn’t guarantee better,” say the Goodwins, who believe in staying lean to stay in the game.

• Employees, subs, and clients are treated like family.

• Words to live by: “Clients can accept good news and bad news. ‘No news’ is unacceptable. Communicate.”