Jason Fabio started his remodeling business during the recession. He has a background in sales and says that the biggest change in his company is his current focus on improving the sales process.

• Originally, Ispiri had a combined sales and design department, but Fabio is now separating and training those staff in what he sees as two distinct functions.

• The company was able to grow from $4.8 million in 2011 to $6.2 million this past year. The goal: “To grow well. It’s easy to grow, but to grow well is harder,” he says.

• Fabio added sales, marketing, and production managers to his roster and is stepping back to take more of an overseer role while ramping up processes and procedures.

• To learn the business quickly, Fabio joined NARI, HBA, and Remodelers Roundtables early on.

• While designers come into a project early on, their main focus is design, not sales. “We’re taking designers and figuring out where their skills are strong or weak,” Fabio says, and then doing internal training and external training, if needed.”

• Ispiri has a substantial education budget for employees, offering training opportunities for sales staff and project managers.