Janver Holly has seen all the ups and downs. He grew his company to 20 staff just before the recession and then scaled back to just five, and he began adding income and wealth in other ways.

He has a steady source of income as a court-certified expert, helping to create the budgets for repairs, which he is available to complete. It’s about 15% to 20% of his business. The relationships he has built with attorneys have helped with his other venture, buying foreclosures to flip or fix, refinance, and then rent. He now has 25 rental houses in four states. “Everything we have purchased is for cash flow,” he says.

• In many cases, Holly has created separate LLCs with former clients, essentially borrowing money from the client, investing it in a property, and giving the client a good return. Holly’s original properties will be paid off in three years. “My retirement is pretty set up at this point,” he says.

• Holly maintains strategic alliances with architects, who in turn bring him jobs.

• To keep overhead low, he uses a retired estimator who works virtually.

• He uses a Gantt overlay for Microsoft Excel (cost: $29) for scheduling.

• To learn about flipping and renting homes, Holly took a Renatus training course.