It’s the rare remodeler who builds his clients a great kitchen and is then invited to cook in it. But that’s the unique, clever concept Eddie Casanave developed and now markets as Kitchen Casanova, a Distinctive Remodeling service that lets him indulge his love of cooking by catering a dinner party in clients’ newly completed kitchens. “I’m happy to have the kind of relationship with our clients that they welcome me back to do these kinds of things,” Casanave says. “And it shows their guests that they’re happy with us too.” About 45% of Distinctive Remodeling clients schedule a post-remodel Kitchen Casanova dinner. The concept generates business buzz and leads.

• Casanave takes advantage of co-op marketing opportunities with manufacturers, benefitting from shared-cost or free direct-mail and other marketing.

• By participating in a new website,, Casanave uniquely markets his CAPS designation. On the site, Distinctive Remodeling has exclusive rights in the Raleigh area for home improvements related to accessibility and mobility.