If Bruce Wiegan doesn’t update the family photo used in all his advertising and marketing, vendors and even prospects begin to worry. Branding the family has helped to brand the company as stable and dependable in the community — to which the company gives a significant amount of time through its “Building Needs and Wishes” program.Most of BNW’s business is high-end, and Wiegan offers several unique exterior siding products in his 6,000-square-foot showroom. For remodeling jobs, the company takes four down payments; for smaller jobs, it doesn’t take money up-front. “This shows our customers our abilities,” Wiegan says.

• A consultative sales process means BNW takes its time with clients. Wiegan doesn’t believe in the one-call close.

• BNW has an on-staff photographer who takes photos of all its projects. These images help sell the company’s expertise and quality craftsmanship to prospects during the sales meeting.

• The company uses SolidBuilder design software, and each salesperson has an iPad that they use for presentations.