Even when Thorson Restoration & Construction  is not working in an upscale home, the company still finds its way into potential clients’ houses via local lifestyle magazine South Shore Living. “Each year they have a couple of special home and garden issues, and I always buy a full-page color ad in those,” company president Eric Thorson says. “I see that magazine on a lot of coffee tables, so that has worked out pretty well for us.”

Thorson also reaches out to past clients when hurricane season approaches to let them know that his company is available, whether it’s to do repairs after a weather event or simply to move deck furniture out of harm’s way if the client is away.

Thorson says that he mostly interacts with young professional couples who commute into Boston and are looking to expand or upgrade their homes. “There’s lots of older architecture, and because they’re on the coast, these communities are a little wealthier,” he says, adding that the homeowners really have an appreciation for the architecture and are willing to pay top dollar to preserve it.

Discerning Taste  Eric and Stacy Thorson cater to Cape Cod’s upscale clientele.