On their business cards, Ken and Ryan Parsons list themselves as “Solutionists.” And, glancing at those business cards, you don’t even want to ask the Parsons if their company  does more than gutters. They learned that lesson early. New gutters are 70% of their work; gutter covers and cleaning, the remainder.

Ken Parsons, then a history teacher, started installing and replacing gutters during summer breaks. Financial success convinced him to “toss my degree in the gutter.” Last year the company doubled its sales after The Brothers launched a tenacious event-marketing program.

The Parsons credit their success to branding, team-building, and accountability. “We don’t micromanage. Our guys get their paperwork and they’re responsible for their own jobs,” Ken says.

Main Event  Ken (left) and Ryan Parsons doubled their business last year through event marketing.