Rob Carlisle hires talented, smart people who can “hit the ground running” and treats them well. He believes that’s an important key to his success. It’s just as important that employees use integrity and interact with his clients in a professional and intelligent way to create lifelong relationships.

“To explain and convey to our employees and subs our core values, we use a few simple sayings,” Carlisle says:
Integrity: Always, do the right thing
Build a better mouse trap: Do basic things better
Craftsmanship: Deliver a high-level of quality at a fair price
Communication: Be open, honest, accurate, and on time

Over the years, employees have established close ties with Carlisle’s client base. The same project managers, who have all come up through the ranks, work for the same clients and their referrals. “This helps put a face on Carlisle Classic Homes,” Carlisle says. “People know Jeremy will take care of it, or Alex will take care of it.”