Flow charts and job descriptions. Sounds pretty corporate. It’s meant to. Tod Colbert (right) and Todd Schulz (left), both former home improvement salesmen and today co-owners of Weather Tight Corp., credit the phenomenal success of their company to “discipline, benchmarking, and a rigorous focus on goals.” Building processes and creating systems to track performance enabled the two to create an organization cross-trained to the point where, Schulz notes, “if someone had to they could step into someone else’s job in a day.”

Last year Weather Tight continued growing in double digits, as it has since 2001. The company designed and built a $3.5 million building complete with a 5,000-square-foot showroom. Future plans call for opening a series of satellite showrooms throughout Milwaukee, in part to leverage marketing costs.

Schulz explains that he and Colbert had to “pull away from selling and make a commitment to focus on team-building, and on systems and structures.” A key driver of Weather Tight’s growth has been its system of benchmarking, which has helped the company meet sales and profit goals.

- Jim Cory