While many other remodelers reduced staff in 2008, Pine Street Carpenters nearly doubled the size of its team.

“We’ve evolved, following our clients’ needs, learned from mistakes, pursued multiple niches,” says owner Brendon Dolan. He attributes the “huge growth year” of 2008 to a newly strengthened infrastructure — notably, stepped-up marketing efforts, a new office/warehouse/shop, and a 3,000-square-foot showroom opening in 2009 — that require and can accommodate staff support.

Specialized project management and production teams handle residential, commercial, and institutional projects such as a multiyear, multi-building renovation of the oldest school for court-adjudicated youths in the country.

Dolan started the company en route to graduate school for teaching, and teaching still informs his management philosophy. He is committed to employing “highly skilled artisan craftsman carpenters” and strives to instill fairness and approachability in his managers. They have fun, as evidenced in an internal e-newsletter that keeps everyone in the loop, and in extensive community service, such as building a timber-framed treehouse replica of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin.

And there are boyish shenanigans, too. As of 2008, Pine Street Carpenters’ personnel also include all six of Dolan’s brothers, liberal arts grads who grew up helping their dad work weekends on the family home. Four non-Dolan “family units” — brothers, cousins, father, and son — comprise the team as well.

- Leah Thayer