Joe Mingioni took over Mingioni Construction from his father in 1999. “I had a different vision for the company than he did,” Mingioni says. The younger remodeler (front, center in photo) wanted to expand from decks, repair work, and small additions to large whole-house projects and new construction.

Now the company works with professional clients outside Philadelphia on $300,000 to $1 million remodeling projects. “Most come to us through architecture firms or a referral where the clients [already] have plans,” he says.

Two years ago, one of the architecture firms that Mingioni regularly works with approached him about collaborating on a new housing development. The remodeler built two Arts-and-Crafts–style homes with the firm and separately purchased two lots and built spec houses on those. The award-winning Ruskin Lane development’s Arts and Crafts style is in demand in an area that mostly has colonial-style houses. “That project has been a home run all around,” Mingioni says.

The remodeler built one of the spec houses using green practices, and it achieved the gold level in the National Association of Home Builders’ National Green Building Certification. “I think it’s the wave of the future,” Mingioni says, noting that he plans to incorporate green practices into more of the company’s remodeling projects.

- Nina Patel