A mechanical engineer by training and a consultant by trade, Joe Censullo (back row, far left) became a deck builder by circumstance. Dissatisfied with the level of professionalism and pricing among area contractors, and with a family background in construction, he began building decks in the Midwest community where his family moved from Boston in the early ’90s. With much success, Censullo soon said goodbye to consulting and put his skill and innate sense of precision to work full-time.

“Coming from an engineering standpoint taught me how to think about business,” Censullo says. “We operate on the SUCCESS system, and anytime we make a mistake, we change the [process] so it doesn’t happen again.”

The SUCCESS approach, or “System Using Checklists and Controls to Eliminate Stress and Surprises,” is so detailed that the company hasn’t been able to automate it. “There are 200 forms for the average jobsite, from pre-production through the completion of a punchlist,” Censullo says. Subcontractors are held to the same standards as employees for completing jobs by the book. “You don’t get paid if you don’t do it right — down to where you’re allowed to park on the jobsite,” Censullo says. “It’s complicated, but it really pays off during production because we end up completing jobs in half the time of our bigger competitors.”

Censullo says SUCCESS translates into client hand-holding through the process, and that clients love it. “They don’t know how construction works, but because they know we’re tracking every step, they can be assured that the job will get done correctly.” A high level of attention on each job speaks to the company’s mission of making every client feel as if they’re the only one — and customer testimonials indicate that this mission is being fulfilled. “All we promise is that you’ll get the best remodeling experience you can. We want to add a level of professionalism to the industry in our area.”

- Lauren Hunter