All County Exteriors began as a custom home builder but moved into commercial roofing and siding and from there ventured into residential roofing. The aim was to “leverage our infrastructure and provide a hedge against any downturn in new-home building,” says vice president of operations Ross Marzarella (right, with Ray Marzarella Jr. on the left).

In creating the residential roofing division, Marzarella says he outlined a five-page, 30-point plan, covering everything that happens from the time the phone rings to the final check. Hardly any of it had to do with construction. It was all about pleasing the customer. “I didn’t see it as a construction business but a service business,” he says.

With a 15-year warranty and a reputation for great service, the company set out last year to expand both its commercial and residential business through aggressive pursuit of commercial customers and innovative marketing techniques to reach home¬owners. “Most people are only going to [replace their home’s roof] once or twice in their lives,” Marzarella says, “and they’ve heard the horror stories. We’re one of the good guys.”

- Jim Cory