Since the early days of their custom high-end design/build firm, Duane Johns (left) and Roger Ketchum (right) have put an emphasis on technology, which has helped them make inroads with clients.

Advanced Renovations’ website features a new-client information form. Filled out either electronically, by e-mail, or returned by fax, the form gathers contact information and rough ideas of plans and asks prospects for the five most important things related to their decision to choose a contractor. “It’s interesting how many people will send this as an initial contact before they’ve even called,” Johns says.

Technology has helped with internal efficiency as well. Employees are outfitted with iPhones and Macintosh computers. Johns has created a unique project management database with client, project, vendor, and job information all in one. The office is nearly paperless, and communication and collaboration among staff often happens via wiki, where everyone can, literally, be on the same page electronically.

- Stacey Freed