When Jayson Miller (back) came on board full-time at his father Tom's (foreground) remodeling business he brought with him technology expertise honed from his years as a software company owner. That knowledge serves the company well in its location about an hour south of Seattle.

Jayson believes they've learned what their “circle of influence is” and have become more efficient in marketing to get their high-end, detail-oriented services to the right people. “We have a proactive marketing program,” he says.

The Millers use MarketSharp software for lead tracking, and market all year long, sending out a quarterly newsletter to leads and customers and a bimonthly newsletter to new prospects, doing direct marketing, and advertising in a local community paper. They also do incidence marketing. “In certain situations,” Jayson says, “like the recent floods, we were able to get out there and let people know — without being ambulance chasers — that our company was there to help.”

Currently, TN Miller Remodeling has a virtual showroom on its Web site, but goals include building an “office that's a one-stop shopping center with flat screen TVs for clients to do 3-D walk-throughs,” Jayson says.

- Stacey Freed