Terry Quinn's business experiences over the last 30 years have helped him grow a lean and profitable company.

In 1976 he took on a partner in the business he'd acquired from his father and the business went south. The only way to save himself was to cut ties and leave the company. But he took the name with him. Then for 10 years he worked for his largest supplier. Not until 1990 did he revive the old company.

Now he's got three field employees and his daughter Allison and son-in-law Craig Guido on board. Both his daughter and son-in-law are part owners. With Terry (right) doing sales and estimating, they close approximately three out of 10 leads. Well-known in the community, Almar has been called back to do work on homes 30 years after originally working on them.

The company gives back to the community by renovating homes through the HUD housing program to provide safe, beautiful homes for clients on a limited budget.