The husband and wife team of Darlene (front, third from left) and George (front, second from left) Gayler handle sales for their company. They also set up a great system so when the sale is finalized, wheels are put in motion to lead the client through all the steps of a project. A project coordinator makes sure the plans are accurate and organized and then takes clients through design and product selection and pricing. Then she turns them over to the production manager for scheduling and jobsite issues.

"It's the organization we do up front that makes it come together," George says. The crew and production manager have a say in the schedule and act as a team to diagnose and solve any problems, Darlene says. Once the team generates a schedule, they send faxes to trade contractors that include the scope of work and a start date. The Gaylers also have a subcontracted interior designer for clients who need more detailed space planning.