After almost 40 years in business, Pat Burke (second from left) knew he'd need a partner to rejuvenate the company. He found a teammate in Australian emigre Jason Asmar (far right). Though the two come from different generations and backgrounds, they agree on what it takes to run a successful company.

Now, the duo is taking the company to the next level by systematizing all aspects of their projects. "Jason was the first person that I've hired since I started the company that I could put a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and not have to worry about," Burke says.

Asmar focuses on the production side while Burke concentrates on sales and marketing. Part of the firm's mission is to offer open book financial management. The partners go over the projected budget vs. actual budget at weekly meetings with their staff. "I found this puts everyone in step and develops team effort," Burke says. In addition, project managers have authority to make decisions. "They know our policy, but it's left in their hands," Burke says.