Aggressive and innovative are the adjectives Kevin Ahern (center) uses to describe the company he and his brother, Jim (right), run together. And at 31 and 35, respectively, the adjectives certainly describe the men, as well. Aggressive in that they have built an almost $2 million-a-year company with a steady growth rate over the past 12 years. Aggressive in that they go on a sales call for a full half of the leads that come in. And aggressive in that they close on a great majority of those.

Their innovative side shows in the running of the company. The firm institutes what it calls its “Client for Life” program. By going above and beyond the call of duty and handling issues that remodelers usually don’t (they once helped a client ship their car to Florida), the Aherns cement a relationship that lasts well beyond the pounding of the last nail.

Another way the Aherns provide a value-added service is through their expanded millwork division, Litchfield Millwork. The division allows them to do wholesale purchasing of lumber and in-house manufacturing of cabinets and moldings for high-end projects.

All that combines to make a company that’s attractive not only to clients but to employees, as well—both current and prospective. “We’re known as a good company. A lot of people want to work for us,” Kevin says. “I get a call at least once a month from guys who approach me to work for the company.” With the labor pool the way it is now, you can’t ask for a higher compliment than that.