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The 2020 top remodelers are reported in two lists, each represented in a tab below and showing who's who among full-service remodelers and replacement/specialty firms. Companies are ranked based on their 2019 revenue generated from remodeling alone.

The bulk of the information in the list comes from the companies themselves based on their responses to an online survey. Additional information came via email, phone calls, and public sources.

Big50 Distinction: The Big50 is REMODELING's annual recognition of 50 great remodeling firms based on their long-term financial and operational success. This status has been awarded for more than 30 years. Companies who also are Big50 members have a "50" designation by their name.

GuildQuality Service Excellence Distinction: In years past, Remodeling has partnered with customer satisfaction surveying company GuildQuality to power the Service Excellence Distinction. In order to participate, companies submitted all of their customers from the previous year to be surveyed via GuildQuality’s independent, multi-touch survey process. GuildQuality then selected a random sample of customers to survey based on the company’s volume. The companies that received the Service Excellence Distinction achieved a recommendation rate of at least 90% and a response rate of 50% to 70%, depending on project volume.

Printable versions: Full-Service (PDF)
Replacement/Specialty (PDF)

Note: Figures for Canadian companies have been converted to U.S. dollars.

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