We open the the 550 to all companies across the US and Canada. This year, 498 of the companies are US-based, while two are located in Ontario, Canada.

California has the highest concentration of 550 firms, housing 9% of the companies. Texas comes in second, with 7% of the firms operating out of the Lone Star state. The majority of states have fewer than 10 companies, while some states have no companies representing them on the list.

If you do not see any representation from your state, but sure to apply for the 2019 Remodeling 550. The application process with open in January.

We will release the 2018 Remodeling 550 list on May 23. On that day, visit remodeling.hw.net/benchmarks/remodeling-550 to see the list and find out which other companies also call your state home.